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Authors: DEMİR, Çağlar
Keywords: Foreign language
Postgraduate Theses
Postgraduate Theses
olistic Analysis
ActorTechnic Perspective
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: One of the most effective ways to develop new methods in language teaching is to provide integrity and coordination between science and practitioners. In this study, an analysis of the postgraduate theses on foreign language teaching by investigating what areas were focused on, which subjects were perceived as problematic, how the subjects in question changed and were discussed in the historical period, how the distribution of fields seen as problematic was by years, how the problems evolved and discussed was dealt with in detail by holistic analysis with actor-technic perspective. What is perceived as a problem in foreign language teaching and how it follows a cycle in the historical process are of great importance in terms of shaping the future studies on foreign language teaching by revealing the current situation on the subject. This analysis will arouse awareness regarding problems in using foreign languages effectively in Turkey and new methods and technics in foreign language teaching will be put on agenda. This study is of significance for academics who work on foreign language teaching in terms of observing the problematic issues and identifying which subjects were emphased in postgraduate studies. The more studies about foreign language teaching are done and contribute useful insights for the field, educational organizations and application areas, the more improvements about organizations are made. The general objective of this research is to analyze published postgraduate theses on foreign language teaching in Turkey. Scientific publications were analysed in terms of types, titles, context, universities, institutes, language, method (research design/research sample/data collection tools), findings and interpretations, results and suggestions. Population is composed of 302 postgraduate theses on foreign language teaching published between 1987-2017. Research is a study of complete inventory for population is used as sample in this study. 244 theses are master’s theses, 58 theses are PhD theses. The data was analysed under eight categories based on the actor-technic perspective (teacher, student) with holistic analysis. Codes were developed according to these categories. The results were discussed and concrete suggestions related to research and application were made in light of the findings. Academics who do research on foreign language teaching will benefit from this study for it presents a comprehensive report and analysis about foreign language teaching in Turkey and serves a useful purpose in inspiring the researchers about new solutions to this problematic area in Turkey
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