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Title: The Effect of Learned Helplessness to the Sucess
Authors: ODABAŞI, Battal
Keywords: learned helplessness,
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: International Journal of Academic Research Part B
Citation: 5(4), 125-133.Article DOI: 10.7813/2075-4124.2013/5-4/B.18
Abstract: learned helplessness is defined as the mental situation appearing after a person is not able to control the actions or chain of actions due to a negative event or many events. according to experimental findings, in an individual who experiences uncontrollable cases, a decreasing effect in the capacity of learning the behaviors to be produced in the controllable cases is observed. ensuing helplessness arising from this occurring goes on affecting mentally. learned helplessness is a phenomena happening after a person mentally interprets a situation and indicates this to the behavior. This affects the individuals’ success and failure. The discourses systematically analyzing the learning processes in different aspects, which is really fairly complicated, and trying to explain what learning is, what for it happens in a certain way, and how it happens can be generally observed in two category; behaviorist and cognitive. Behaviorists observe the learning as the relation between stimuli and reaction and generally explain it being learnt of observed behaviors (ersanli, 2002). cognitive development consists of thinking, memory, and changes in the language. cognitive development, according to the schemes occurring in the mind, happens by realizing the new items according to this scheme and absorbing them to it, and adapting them (Kucukkaragoz, 2002). In this study, the effect of phenomena of learned helplessness to the individuals’ success has been worked in behaviorist and cognitive approach. In this study there is a relation between an individual’s success and learned helplessness. Moreover, it was observed that the sex and the economic situation also affected the success. it was understood that the rate of anxiety is higher among the individuals in the low and middle class. Girls were also seen having higher anxiety because of their emotional behaviors. But in the case there was no high emotion mode, their mark average was higher than the boys. It was seen that low anxiety
ISSN: 2075-4124

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