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Title: Parental Attitude Perception in Adolescents by Gender.
Authors: KOLBURAN, Güliz
NARTER, Meltem
Keywords: Parental Attitude
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences
Citation: Volume 47, 2012, Pages 1299–1304
Abstract: Together with the family structure and dynamics, the attitudes exhibited towards the child plays a large part in the child's personality development. The sample of the study conducted to investigate the adolescent's perception of parental attitudes by gender and age variables is composed of 180 students between 15-25 year-of-age attending highs schools and universities in Istanbul in the academic year of 2010-2011. The “Parental Attitudes Scale” developed by Kuzgun and Eldeleklioğlu has been used in the research. According to the research results; the males perceive their mothers as more authoritarian and protective, while the females perceive their fathers as more democratic and protective compared to males. Together with the increasing age, the adolescents perceive their mothers as more democratic, and fathers as more authoritarian. The results acquired in the study will be used within the scope of the project called “Constructive Communication with Adolescents – Parent Training Model”.
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