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Title: Numerical Investigation Of Heat Transfer In A Cold Plate With Two Different Inlet Location
HEPERKAN, Hasan Alpay
Keywords: Heat transfer
Cooling plate
Coolant flow channel
Reynolds number
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ijemne
Abstract: We need a uniform temperature distribution for obtaining higher performances from electronic devices. For cooling, mini-channel cold plates with coolant flow use electronic devices such as Li-ion battery cells and electronic chips. In this study, two different inlet locations were studied for the thermal management of a plate with constant heat generation. A commercial computational fluid dynamic software (Ansys-Fluent) was used for the simulation of Minichannel cold plates with coolant flow and thus pressure drop, temperature and velocity distribution were investigated numerically. The effect of inlet location on heat transfer and temperature distribution was studied for laminar flow at two different Reynolds number (Re=500 and Re=1000). Water was used for the coolant flow of the cooling system. The numerical results show that changing inlet location causes temperature distribution to change at the same number of coolant channels in a cold plate.
ISSN: 2146-0604
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