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Title: Pakistan'lılara Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretiminde Her İki Dilde Yer Alan Benzer Sözcüklerin Öğretime Katkıları
Authors: Alap, M. Sarper
Keywords: Turkish
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi Aydın TÖMER Dil Dergisi
Citation: 2
Abstract: Primarily to Turkey from abroad to work abroad and foreign people come for various purposes, including education. There are Pakistani embassies in Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey. There are many Pakistani citizens who work in these embassies. Pakistan Embassy School was established especially for the children's education embassy in Ankara and the Turkish teachers are involved alongside teachers in this school Pakistanis and other foreign countries. This is basically all courses are taught in school, Turkish language courses are also taught intensively in these schools. This, as well as education in schools comes Pakistani university students to study in Turkey. Pakistani students from basic education in Turkish in Turkey, universities were given by TÖMER up training centers established in their own language. The official language of the country of Pakistan is Urdu. Urdu is a language written in the Arabic alphabet. In Arabic, Persian, Turkish, is located in Sanskrit and English words. Situated in Arabic and Persian it is also used in many Turkish words. However, in all three languages they have their own characteristics. In Arabic, the word masculine, feminine and neuter there are many different forms of the language and structure of an element and ranking. The melting of the words in Persian, is not feminine and neutral states, has the structure of a single kind word. A similar arrangement with the Turkish element is seen. Here are some similar words to various connotations. The difference in the Persian sentence complements the Turkish particularly stands out is the opposite Turkish phrases in Farsi. Turkish language of Pakistani citizens along with the similarity of both the word and the word of Urdu element arrangement provides great convenience in learning Turkish. Turkish and Urdu language recently published speaking, grammar and writing books also provide training to the great amenities.
ISSN: 2458-7818
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