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2017A new method for recovery of cellulose from lignocellulosic bio-waste: Pile processingRafiei Vahid; Saygin Hasan; Karamzadeh Saeid
-(Undefined)Shokri Majid; Rafii Vahid; Karamzadeh Saeid; Amiri Zhaleh; Virdee Bal,On "Koroglu" Encyclopaedia (or Expositional Dictionary) With Regard to Lingua Folkloristics,MILLI FOLKLOR,,,2016,,109,107,112,,WOS:000374799900010,
2017The pedagogy of argumentation in science education: science teachers' instructional practicesKaramzadeh Saeid; Hivehchi Hemrah
2016Power of Radio on Determining the Music Public Opinion within the Scope of Agenda SettingEslami Amir; Karamzadeh Saeid
2015CORRELATION BETWEEN HYPERVOLEMIAKaramzadeh Saeid; Virdee Bal. S.; Rafii Vahid; Kartal Mesut
2017Experimental study on a solar air heater with various perforated coversKaramzadeh Saeid; Rafiei Vahid; Saygin Hasan
2016Double Threshold Maximum to Minimum Eigen-value Spectrum Sensing Proposal and Performance AnalysisEslami Amir; Karamzadeh Saeid
2015Effects of Chitosan Treatment on the Quality Parameters of Shrimp (Parapenaeus longirostris) during Chilled StorageKaramzadeh Saeid; Rafii Vahid; Kartal Mesut; Virdee Bal S.
2017Performance evaluation of a modified PV/T solar collector: A case study in design and analysis of experimentKaramzadeh Saeid
2016Investigating the Moderator Effect of Relationship between Emotional Intelligence Factors and Academic Readiness in Primary School PupilsKaramzadeh Saeid; Rafii Vahid; Saygin Hasan; Kartal Mesut